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A. Baez - The Mommy Coach, LLC

I ran the Golden Survey on my ladies and learned so much. It completely changed the way I run promotions and how I talk to my clients. Thank you Dontre, for putting an end to "Hope and Wish" marketing! 


The Most Valuable Advice...


Dontre M Doxley

North of Big Scuffle

Thursday 6 P.M.

Dear Friend,

If you're running a fitness business you already know how hard it is to find and retain clients who actually want to improve themselves.

When I managed a million dollar fitness facility this was my single greatest frustration, until I found POWERFUL client-getting secrets that recession proofed my business and made me wealthy.

You see, you've stumbled upon what is, without question, the most valuable letter on the internet. Here's why:

I'm writing this very personal letter to those who are -

Struggling to turn a profit.

Losing clients to "Big Box" gyms.

Lowering your prices and undervaluing yourself.

Pissing away your money on failed media ads that don't do jack. 

Let's say I could personally teach you marketing basics that build goodwill with your clients and produce predictable growth every month.

Would you be interested?

No, you don't need a marketing certification and I'm not trying to sell you ad space on facebook. All you need is my PROVEN ability to create prospect landslides!

The fact is, I've turned cash-strapped bootcamps into 6 figure jackpots, running most of my campaigns from a busted old laptop and a camera phone. 

 But I'm not trying to impress you, rather impress upon you that you'll have to be tough if you're going to ignore this letter because being broke hurts. Struggling to pay the lease and make payroll really sucks. 

So instead do this:

Let me show you how to turn your business into an automated dollar machine.

I can give you irresistible lead magnets to deploy in your business so you can attract the right clients.

I can teach you razor-sharp sales scripts that'll close the toughest objectors so you stop walking away from the table empty handed.   

I'll let you ethically STEAL my famous sales campaigns and start using them immediately so you can make more money this month.   

Do you want my help?

If you're ready to learn what some call an unfair advantage, and others call a game-changer,  pick up a FREE chapter from my upcoming book "Fitness Money Masterplan".  In this chapter I'll teach you to persuasively speak to prospects in their own language, and turn them into paying customers. 

Download the FREE chapter right now. 

Lastly,  I don't know how you arrived on my page or at the end of this letter, but I'm confident this letter was written for you. I'm also confident I can help you close more clients and make more money this year. 

Talk Soon

FREE Chapter Reveals How to Attract MORE Clients

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